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A guide to the best hikes and microbreweries in the Canadian Rockies. Beer lovers and hiking enthusiasts, these 30 Canadian Rockies hikes are for you! Each carefully selected hike leads you through a stunning natural landscape and ends near a brewery or a brewpub where a local craft beer awaits you! This full-color guidebook features the best one- to six-hour beer hikes in Alberta and British Columbia. Each trail description includes details on access, difficulty, duration, points of interest, and, at trail's end, a recommended beer, with notes on its appearance, aroma, and taste. You’ll also get an inside look at the creative and passionate craftspeople behind the brewing process.  See Helvetiq's other Beer Hiking books—bestsellers around the globe.

“Kendall Hunter’s entertaining book – which highlights 30 scenic hikes, some short, some long, that end at a microbrewery or brew pub where you can celebrate your adventure – is focused on the Canadian Rockies region.” –The Calgary Herald

“There are trail guides and there are beer guides. Author Kendall Hunter has taken the best of both worlds and combined them in her new book.” –The Jasper Fitzhugh

Set aside your preconceptions of postcard scenery, chocolate and cheese, faceless bankers, and spotless cities. The real Switzerland is anything but bland. This small, multilingual, and fiercely independent country at the heart of Europe is full of surprises.

Culture Smart! Switzerland reveals the human dimension of this enigmatic country. It provides an historical overview, explores Swiss values and attitudes, and looks at the cultural continuity of festivals and traditions. It will help you navigate your way through various aspects of Swiss life and society and reveal the warmth, decency, wit and intelligence that characterises its inhabitants. 

Amazon reviews: Superbly written, great insights into the Swiss culture. Details not found in any other travel guide such as why the Swiss never drive with the car windows down. Fascinating reading. 

This book truly captures the Swiss essence in a respectful and appreciative way. Books like these that can actually help you understand and appreciate a different culture are really a treasure 




In 1993, Kendall Hunter travelled to Jahannesburg, South Africa, as a volunteer photojournalist for the South African newspaper, New Nation. She immersed herself in the lives of the South African people and witnessed firsthand the country's most monumental changes, including the demise of apartheid legislation and Nelson Mandela's ascent to the presidency. As a photojournalist, her life was often at risk, but her photographs of this difficult and violent time were published internationally. She also made many friendships, and grew to love South Africa and its people.

Comments and reviews for Black Taxi

It is an act of presumption to enter a country as an observer or witness and leave it some few months later convinced of your privileged spiritual allegiance with its inhabitants.  To her enormous credit Kendall Hunter, in her photo essay and accompanying text Black Taxi: Shooting South Africa, is always aware of her status as wayfarer in another, and at times devastating foreign place. “Those who know the country best are its people,” she reminds us in her afterward where she defines herself unequivocally as a Canadian in South Africa.

…I am not unfamiliar with the distance between “here” and “there”.  It is not, as is sometimes imagined, the shortest distance between two points, and so reading this book is a disturbing experience for me.  Every photograph is relentlessly significant because each contains both the potential to record historical change and to recall shocking violence.”
~ Meira Cook, Prairie Fire

“Kendall, it was a privilege to be on the same program with you. You remind us what journalism is supposed to be and also that journalists sometimes do have souls.”
~ Margaret Atwood, Wordfest 1996.

This is the very best kind of street reporting-exploring, experiencing, communicating with the camera. And always with equal measures of mind and heart. That it all happens deep within one of the most gripping historical sagas of the century makes Kendall Hunter's book a must-read.
~ Arthur Kent = Journalist 




From the townships of South Africa to my old stomping grounds of the Canadian Rockies, no matter where I find myself, I’m focused on learning and writing about the world around me. 


I was born in Calgary AB, but my family moved to Banff when I was three. Being put on skis at the tender age of 13 months meant I literally learned to walk and ski at the same time. This eventually led to several years of distraction as a competitive ski racer before attending the University of Calgary where I received my BA in political science. 


I completed my degree while working as a photojournalist in South Africa during what was, inarguably, one of the biggest stories of the last century — the demise of apartheid. In the evenings, I'd work on my thesis about the reconstruction of the military and, by day, I'd photograph the armed wings I was writing about. It was what I'd been looking for, for years, in a university education. With camera in hand I covered it all: marches, rallies, insurgencies, Nelson Mandela as it was announced he had won the Nobel Peace Prize, the signing of the interim constitution that effectively meant the end of the laws of apartheid, the country's first democratic elections, and each and every day, the people of South Africa, in their homes, their townships, in worker's hostels, and on the streets of Johannesburg. My photos, experiences, and impressions became my first book, a photographic memoir called Black Taxi: Shooting South Africa.  

A few years later, while living in Switzerland, I was asked to write a book about Swiss culture for a publisher in the UK. At the time I was married to a Swiss and my two children were in the local school system. As an expat I was uniquely equipped to write about the country's customs, traditions, attitudes and beliefs, but the experience of writing Culture Smart: Switzerland still taught me a valuable thing or two about the country I loved and called home, and I was proud to make it part of the Culture Smart family.  


Fast forward a few years and I found myself raising my children back in my home community of Banff. With a regular writing gig for a good news site in the US called, I covered stories from across the globe of people making a positive impact in the world and was soon motivated to revisit the world of photojournalism, but as a single mother of two, I knew I'd have to adapt.


I once had a vision of being a mother, holding my camera to the world while carrying my baby on my back, everywhere I went... That image required an overhaul so, instead of being the one holding my camera to events of the day, I reached out to the world's top women photojournalists and asked them to have a conversation with me.I then  packed up my girls and took them along with me to locations such as New York, Thailand, Myanmar and South Africa, where I met with some of the best, and in the process I showed my daughters the world beyond their own pristine doorstep. I'm currently documenting this period of my life as a hybrid memoir about women photojournalists and the inspiration behind my journey to connect with them.

My most recent release, Beer Hiking: Canadian Rockies, provided me with the opportunity to not only write another book but to make another kind of meaningful connection —with the natural beauty of the Canadian West. The experience also allowed for me to spend time with my 97-year old father who's lived in Banff, now, for 89 years. With a Swiss publisher behind me, the feeling of having several aspects of my life converge was profound and I have felt, for now, this is the place I should be. 

I’m also a freelance journalist focusing on issues of gender/social justice, primarily for the Women’s Media Center, in the US. I’ve freelanced for travel magazines/newspapers in Canada, the US and Switzerland.  Apart from Canada, I’ve lived in South Africa, England, Wales and Switzerland.











Photo: Jemima Maycock 




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